Town of Dallas Plantation

Municipal Officials Contact Information

Unless otherwise stated, all officials should be contacted through the town office.​   

Contact Information:
      436 Dallas Hill Road
      Rangeley, ME 04970-0460
      (207) 864-5991
      (207) 864-9965 Fax

Hours of Operation:
     Monday, Tues, Thur, Friday 8:00 - 3:30

     (closed 12 - 1)  Wed. 8:00 - 12:00



David Schinas has been hired to

be the new Office Administrator.

The office will be open beginning

Monday, August 15.

 Vehicle & Boat registrations still need to be made at the Rangeley Town Office, 15 School Street or Sandy River Plantation.

Please have the yellow copy of your registration with you AND YOUR INSURANCE CARD.  You must show both.

We will inform you when we are able to begin renewing vehicle registrations in the office again.  It will be soon.

Hunting & Fishing Licenses can be made online using the MOSES system.  Click Here

NEW POLICY....notification of removal or addition of buildings or structures.



Linda Dexter                       First Assessor
Reginald Hammond            Assessor, General Assistance Admin.
Barry Brackett                     Assessor
Linda Jones                         Town Clerk                             864-5991
                                            Registrar of Voters
David Schinas                     Office Administrator                864-5991                                 
Sheila Waldeck                   Tax Collector
David Schinas                     Treasurer
Ryan Thompson                  Animal Control Officer             864-3728
Gaylon “Jeep” Wilcox          Fire Warden                             864-5260
Sheridan Oldham                Health Officer
Janet Waugaman                Budget Committee
Carl “Kit” Casper                 Budget Committee
Pam White                          Tax Assessor
Paul Ferguson-Packard      Plumbing Inspector                  670-5093

Eric Burgess                       School Board